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We are a team of experienced Supply Chain Professionals, training on various global certification programs, including ASCM/APICS. We also create mock-test, which will simulate the final exams. Thousands have benefited from the program. How about you?

Take a sample mock test before enrolling

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About APICS certification

APICS certification is a credential that demonstrates your knowledge and skills in supply chain management. APICS offers four different certification programs for different levels of expertise and career goals:

  • Certified in Planning and Inventory Management (CPIM),

  • Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP),

  • Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD), and

  • Certified in Transformation for Supply Chain (CTSC).

Each certification requires passing one or more exams based on the APICS Learning Systems, which are comprehensive study materials that cover the end-to-end global supply chain.

APICS certification can help you advance your career, increase your salary, and improve your organization’s performance

How APICS certification help?

APICS certification can help you in many ways in your supply chain management career. Here are some of the benefits of APICS certification:

  • You can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in logistics, planning, inventory, transportation, distribution, and transformation to potential employers, clients, and colleagues

  • You can improve your job prospects and salary potential, as APICS-certified individuals earn up to 25% more than their non-certified peers and report salaries 18% higher than those with other certifications

  • You can gain access to a network of professionals in the logistics industry, as well as research, publications, events, and conferences that can help you stay updated on the latest trends and best practices in supply chain4

  • You can achieve your environmental, social, and governance goals, as well as capitalize on the associated opportunities, by learning how to optimize and transform your supply chains from start to finish

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Is expert guidance essential to pass APICS certification?

Guidance from experts for APICS certification can be beneficial for several reasons:

  • Experts can help you choose the right certification program for your career goals and background. Each program has its own eligibility requirements, exam content, and benefits. Experts can advise you on which program suits your needs and interests best.

  • Experts can provide you with effective study strategies and tips to prepare for the exam. APICS exams are challenging and require a comprehensive understanding of the tested body of knowledge. Experts can help you plan your study schedule, review the exam content manual, use the learning system, and take practice tests. They can also share their own experience and insights on how to ace the exam.

  • Experts can support you throughout your certification journey and beyond. APICS certification is not a one-time event, but a continuous process of learning and improvement. Experts can help you maintain your certification by earning professional development points, staying updated on the latest trends and best practices, and accessing valuable resources and opportunities. They can also help you network with other APICS-certified professionals and advance your career in supply chain management.

APICS certification exam pass percentage

According to the 2021 APICS Certification Exam Pass Rate Report, the pass percentage of APICS certification exam varies depending on the program, the region, and the year.


For example, in 2021, the global pass percentage for CPIM Part 1 was 78%, for CPIM Part 2 was 76%, for CSCP was 68%, and for CLTD was 64%. The pass percentage for each exam also differs between North America and outside North America. Pass percentage was poor when the candidates self-prepare, without expert guidance.

Passing the APICS certification exam requires adequate preparation, practice & suitable mentorships from experienced trainers. 

​​Supplement your preparation with Mock-tests

  • Is re-test chargeable?
    Yes. You need to make the payment for each of the attempt.
  • Is it recognized in India?
    Yes. All MNCs operating in India, expects this certification and most of the JDs uses the methodology adopted from APICS. Apart from other requirements, if you have this certification, chances of getting Interview and appointment increases
  • Why Mock-Tests are required?
    * These tests simulate the final exam * These are online tests and will be able to get immediate results, soon after submission. You will be able to see the suggested answers * Prepared by APICS certified professionals * You will get most likely questions when you take these tests. * More the mock-tests, you will be able to get an over-all assessment and will become confident in taking the final exam * You can attempt as many times as required
  • Is the exam tough? Can I do self-preparation?
    * Yes. The exams are tough. Even with training, just 50% of applicants pass the exam * The questions are based from applications in practical Supply Chain * Most of the questions will be twisted and even experienced professionals struggle to find the most suitable answers * Self- preparation is okay, as long as you are willing to attempt multiple times
  • Eligibility
    * Any Graduates or Non-graduates with at least 3 years relevant experience can apply * If still in doubt, there is a process to verify this, before you enroll for the program
  • Sample mock-test
    * 50 Sample Questions, online test is available for free * Reach to us for the test or submit your form * Those who provide their LinkedIn profile, will be preferred
  • What is APICS Supply Chain certification?
    This is a global certification provided by an Organization called ASCM(Association for Supply Chain Management), based in US. This organization is more than 60 years old * Having this certification, demonstrates your complete understanding of Supply Chain domain * APICS processes are followed all over the world as superior processes, in manufacturing, Retail & Distribution, Consulting, Solution development etc.. * They have a world market share of 80% Supply Chain certification
  • Is the official learning material sufficient to pass the exam?
    * No. They serve as syllabus * They also inform that questions may not come from these materials
  • Exam methodology
    * Online MCQ * 150 Questions * 3.5 hours exam
  • Where to take the exam?
    * Several testing centers are available in most of the cities * Optionally can be taken from home (Note- To be checked at the time of application)
  • Still, I have many doubts. I need to talk to expert?
    Yes. You can talk to expert and get clarified for the following doubts  Which is the best institute of training at economic price  Can I get the preparatory guidance?  How much % score to pass the exam?  Which study materials to be used?  How much preparation time required?  Last attempt I failed with only 1 mark. Can I pass now?  Who is the best and recognized trainer in India & world?  Which APICS certification is suitable for me? Submit your contact details to schedule and appointment with APICS certified trainer. Those who provide their LinkedIn profile will get preference
  • Is this certification recognized in foreign countries?
    * APICS being an US organization, this certification is widely used and it is a basic requirement in US & Canada * Though other certifications are available in other parts of world, Still APICS certification races ahead of other certifications * Now Gulf & Europe countries expects this certification




  • Above special prices are for limited period only

  • Confirms to 2024 syllabus

  • All mock-tests are, online, real time, timed, simulating exam environment. Hence internet is required

  • Validity period is for 6 months from the date payment. Can be extended by another 6 months, on paying 50% of the above fees

  • Can be attempted any number of times within validity period

  • Each test has 150 Questions, covering all the modules, as per the final exams

  • These mock-tests are different from official online learning system and from other vendors but better than them

  • This program is in no way connected with ASCM/APICS

  • All copy rights reserved. No copying by any means

  • No refund is possible, under any circumstances

  • These mock-tests are suitable for using on desk-top/laptop and not advisable on mobile devices

  • Mail/What’sApp support will be responded within 2 working days

  • Consultation timing have to be pre-fixed and can be done in maximum 2/3 time slots

  • Though we have taken utmost care to avoid mistakes, it may be still possible that some errors may be present. Request your support in highlighting the same, which will be acknowledged. All suggestions for improvements are welcome

  • Any server break-down will be attempted to resolve at an earliest possible time. However we take no responsibility of certain things, which are behind our control

  • The tests will have to be taken at only one IP address, during entire validity period

  • We reserve our rights to modify the contents, without any notice

  • After confirmation of payment, a login credential will be mailed to you within 2 working days, along with instructions

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